Toyota Touchdown Toss


Toyota Touchdown Toss in Scottsboro, AL, Serving Albertville, Anniston, & Fort Payne

The Toyota Touchdown Toss from High Country Toyota in Scottsboro, AL – serving Albertville, Anniston, Fort Payne, Gadsden, Guntersville, and Madison – allows contestants the opportunity to win a brand-new Toyota vehicle. Take advantage of this opportunity at Scottsboro High School on Friday nights during every home game. High Country Toyota is proud to partner with the school to give back to our Scottsboro community and support young athletes in the area.

Purchase your tickets at Scottsboro High School for $10 dollars to be eligible to participate. Students may buy tickets during lunchtime and members of the community may purchase tickets in the front office of the school.

During halftime, one lucky ticket holder will have their shot at winning a new Toyota vehicle. After the band plays, the winning contestant will be taken to the field and given the chance to show off their passing skills. Contestants test their luck trying to send a NERF football through the open window of the vehicle they wish to drive home. There will be two vehicles up for grabs at each game, and contestants may choose which vehicle they want to make an attempt for.

We look forward to seeing you at the home football games at Scottsboro High School. Our vehicles for the Toyota Touchdown Toss will be on display at the school throughout the week and at the stadium the night of each game. For all your automotive needs, depend on High Country Toyota located at 3011 South Broad Street, Scottsboro, AL 35769.

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Contract #S10645-15700 – Nerf Toss Through Car Window – 35 Yards

Advantage Hole In One agrees to reimburse sponsor for the value of scheduled prize awarded in conjunction with client/sponsor’s promotional contest. Participant shall be eligible to receive a prize valued in the amount of $22,000.00 in the event that the winning requirements outlined in the terms and conditions of this contract and the sponsor’s contest rules are met.
I. Client’s Pre-Contest Requirements: 1. Return a signed copy of the contract cover page and terms and conditions to Advantage Hole In One upon receipt. 2. Post and/or distribute to all contestants, copies of contest rules that comply with the terms of this contract. 3. Appoint a contest administrator responsible for executing the contest in a manner that complies with the contract terms & conditions.
II. Contest Parameters: 1. Contestants for this event will be randomly selected (via a drawing) either from those in attendance at the event or as predetermined and approved by Advantage Hole In One. There is a maximum of one (1) entry per person. Contestants must show proper identification before attempting their toss. Contestants may not be notified of exact contest details in advance of the contest. 2. In order to qualify for the grand prize, the contestant must throw a standard Nerf football of regulation size completely through a target opening (which meets the specifications outlined in items 4b-c below) from a minimum distance of 35 yards. 3. The following restrictions apply to the administration of this event:
a. There will be a maximum of one (1) contestant covered by this contract. The contestant will be allowed a maximum of one (1) attempt at the target toss. No practice or warm-up tosses may be made under any circumstances once the contestant has been notified they are the grand prize finalist. b. The contestant must sign the official finalist affidavit of eligibility form immediately prior to their attempt at the grand prize toss. c. The attempt must be made from a minimum distance of 35 yards from the target opening. d. The Nerf football must enter the target opening on the fly and come to rest inside the vehicle without bouncing out (see item 6f below) to be considered a winning attempt. The ball may not bounce into or out of the target opening. e. A thrown ball that bounces, deflects or otherwise comes in contact with any object, person or surface prior to entering the target opening is not eligible to be a winning attempt. f. A foot fault (plant foot touching or going over the respective demarcation line) will disqualify the attempt. A contestant will not be allowed to attempt another toss to replace the faulted toss. g. No aid of any kind may be given to the contestant participating in this event. Nothing may be done to the Nerf football, target opening, or the playing surface that would enhance the contestant’s chances of successfully completing the target toss. h. Failure to explicitly conform to all terms and conditions outlined herein will result in a claim denial. i. Once selected as a grand prize finalist, contestant may not be reselected during the contest period covered by this contract. 4. The following restrictions apply to the equipment used in this event:
a. A standard Nerf football of regulation size must be used for this event. b. The diameter of the target opening, the front driver’s side window of the vehicle, must measure a maximum of (33 inches x 17 inches). c. The vehicle front driver’s side window must be completely rolled down.
5. The following classes of people are ineligible to compete in this contest:
a. Current or former professional, semi-professional or minor league football players. b. Current or former high school or collegiate football players who have competed at that level within the past six (6) years. c. Current or former football coaches who have coached at the high school level or above within the past six (6) years. d. Employees and family members of employees of Advantage Hole In One, the sponsor/client organization, its promotional and/or advertising agencies or any other party involved in this event. 6. This event must be videotaped. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure that the video recording equipment is in working order. The person operating the video camera must show: a. The random selection and notification of the finalist. b. The measuring of the required 35 YARDS for the toss. c. The contestant signing the official finalist affidavit of eligibility form. d. The spot on the field from which the ball is thrown (in relation to the target). e. The ball being thrown. f. The flight of the Nerf football toward and through the target opening, staying in the vehicle at rest without bouncing out. In the event of a successful attempt, the video must also zoom in to show the ball inside the vehicle. This entire sequence must be recorded on continuous, unedited video tape (items II-6b-f). The video tape must be supplied to Advantage Hole In One in the event of any grand prize winning claim. 7. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to supervise this event and insure that all parties involved (including the contestant) are fully aware of all the terms and conditions outlined herein. All terms and conditions must be followed explicitly. Failure to do so will result in a claim denial. 8. In the event of a claim, sponsor agrees to notify Advantage Hole In One within one (1) business day following the date on which the prize-winning requirements outlined herein are met. Two official observers must certify that the specified event occurred. 9. If the event is cancelled due to a force majeure which prevents the conducting of the event, assuming no attempts to win the prize were initiated, a full refund (less a minimum $50.00 contract fee) will be made, or this contract may be amended to a rescheduled date without additional charges. Advantage Hole In One must be notified in writing at least 24 hours in advance of any cancelled or rescheduled events. 10. A winner is liable for any and all tax consequences resulting from their acceptance of any prize associated with this contest. 11. The schedule of prize awards is as follows:
a. Per occurrence: $22,000.00; b. Maximum one (1) winner; c. Maximum aggregate liability: $22,000.00 (1 @ $22,000.00). 12. This contract covers a maximum of one (1) contestant per event, one (1) attempt per contestant, and a maximum of six (6) events on the following contest dates: 8/24/2018, 8/31/2018, 9/7/2018, 9/21/2018, 10/5/2018, 10/19/2018.