Warranty Forever

Warranty Forever

Warranty Forever

High Country Toyota goes the extra mile for you!
We offer Non Factory Warranty Forever®.

What is Non Factory Warranty Forever®?

It’s simple: a real powertrain warranty that lasts as long as you own your car.
When we say “forever,” we mean it! Your warranty lasts FOREVER!

  • NO warranty deductible: Non Factory Warranty Forever® pays 100% labor and parts costs at any dealership in the USA.
  • NO maximum mileage! NO maximum ownership term! We really mean FOREVER!
  • Never pay for expensive repairs again, simply complete the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, and your vehicle is covered…FOREVER! All pre-owned vehicles receive a thorough mechanical and safety inspection; only after the vehicle passes inspection can it receive a true LIFETIME POWERTRAIN warranty with Non Factory Limited Warranty Forever®.
  • You get peace of mind for as long as you own your car!

Get outstanding Non Factory LIFETIME COVERAGE of all major powertrain components:

  • Engine parts and components including, but not limited to: engine block, internally lubricated parts, crankshaft, cam bearings, valve springs, cylinder heads, flywheel/flex plate, oil pans, timing belts, exhaust manifolds, fuel pump, and more!
  • Turbochargers, superchargers, and other enhanced-engine parts and components.
  • Transmission components for automatic and manual gearboxes.
  • Transfer case components for 4×4 vehicles.
  • Front-wheel drive components
  • Rear-wheel drive components.

If you can’t return to High Country Toyota for your covered repairs or maintenance,
you can avoid voiding your Non Factory Forever Warranty® by following these simple steps:

  1. Pick a licensed repair center or facility to perform the needed maintenance, since we do not provide a list of authorized dealers, the choice is purely your own.
  2. You are required to call each time for pre-authorization for maintenance performed at an outside facility. Simply call 1-800-810-8458 to get pre-authorized.
  3. Provide this information when you call for pre-authorization:
    • Date of scheduled maintenance/repair appointment
    • Name of licensed repair facility you will be using
    • Type of maintenance that will be performed
    • Current vehicle mileage

As long as you complete your vehicle’s recommended scheduled maintenance (see your Owner’s Manual) and follow these easy steps, your warranty will be upheld.

*Non-Factory Lifetime Limited Warranty, Good at Participating Dealerships

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